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CA-125 Blood Test: Normal range & Its Role as an Ovarian Cancer Test

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Full form of CA 125 is Cancer Antigen 125.It is a tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Normal levels are less than 35 U/L. Increased levels are seen in ovarian cancer.

CA 125 is a mucinous protein present on the epithelial surfaces of the eye, respiratory tract, ovaries

CA 125 is specifically seen increased in epithelial cell cancers. More over it has higher chances of being positive only in advanced stages of cancer .It is NOT USED for screening of ovarian cancer as it is not sensitive and specific. It needs to correlated clinically and always should be correlated with other diagnostic tests.

Role in Endometriosis:

It is not a sensitive marker for endometriosis. Levels are greater than 35 are especially seen in stage 3&4 of endometriosis. Levels greater than 100 U/mL indicate extensive pelvic adhesion's. However the most accurate test for diagnosis of endometriosis is Laproscopy(Direct Visualisation).


HE4 - Human Epididymis Protein 4 (HE4) is a relatively new marker for Ovarian malignancy and indicates gene over expression.
It is used to monitor recurrence & disease progression in patients with Epithelial ovarian malignancy.
HE4 when used in conjunction with CA 125 helps in estimating the Risk Of Ovarian Malignancy (ROMA) in premenopausal /
postmenopausal females presenting with an adnexal mass.

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Chumki Ganguly : CA 125 value 7.79 u/ml is it normal range??
FaisyAmi 369 : Hyy mam my wife having CA 125 level in 90.1...she was pregnant now..also having multiple cyst..any problem or risk in that..pls reply
Kiran Verma : Hlo sir Maine test karwaya cA125 and result is 66.40u/ml Kya ye normal hai or is it cancer
hasan khan : Sir mera wife ka ca125 result-42.22he kya normal he?
Rubeenapk Rishumol : Sir ovarian cyst7cm .ca125-127.3month preganancy.plccc reply
Priya Kumari : Sir mko endometriosis ovarian cyst h r maine CA -125 ki test krwai h ushme 36.0 aai h to sir plzzz tell me ki ye normal hai ya abnormal h ???
EDUCARE-An Exchange of Learning : One who CA 125 value 128u/ml
What is implications of this value?
himanshu Sahu : Mera CA 125 ...116 hei... Kuch prblm toh nahin... Endometriosis hei Aur period ke period 4 ko hua test 12 ko.. Plz reply me
Varsha Chaudhari : Sir mera ca125 ka test 45 he to normal he ya nahi please reply me
Ms bisht : Sir ac125 is the mesurement of csncer if pssaint ac is 47.5 url so what it mean she is cancer passain? Ans pls

Understanding CA-125 Screening for Ovarian Cancer

Is there a normal range for CA-125? What does it mean to have elevated CA-125? Dr. Peter Frederick answers frequently asked questions about this blood test. Learn more:
Boruna Rai : Sir my CA 125 result is 464.50 <4.0-35.0 what's that mean of that ??
Priya Kumari : my CA -125 is 36.0. plzzz tell me it's normal or not ???
my . .journey : Sir I hv an ovarian cyst tumor
CA 125 is 68 is this cancer tumor?
Smart Cooking : Sir,, I have a large fibroids n my ca 206 .. what’s the mean of that. ?? Can ca 125 up becoz of fibroids??


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